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WSG is a group of educators, data analysts and instructional specialists teacher-student_03who have teamed together, committed to bring the same data analytics technology which is common place in the private sector to the education community. Functioning as a “back office” data analytics solution, WSG can provide data that can inform instruction and allow teachers more time with students.

What if we could use the same type of Analytics to transform student information systems from static warehouses to information resources.

The World outside of education is already leveraging big data in ways that improve people’s lives. Fortune 500 companies can track inventory and sales in real time, so why should it take our schools over 45 days to get grade reports to parents? This year U.S. Elementary, middle and high schools are expected to spend $4.7 billion on information technology. Many of these systems capture expansive amounts of data. WSGs MISSION CONTROL has been designed to identify meaningful patterns, determine how students learn best, and provide “instructional intelligence” that can allow teachers to more effectively plan and deliver instruction.

Our Team

patPat Wright

Pat has over 36 years of experience as a teacher, principal, district office administrator and executive in the private sector. Following fifteen years as a teacher, principal, and district office administrator, Pat was chosen by Tele-Communications, Inc. (TCI), to lead its education division. In that role, he worked with the nation’s leading technology companies including Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and Scientific Atlanta to design and implement a variety of “showcase schools” across a demographically and geographically diverse cross-section of the country. These schools were unique in that the ideas that came from educators were empowered with the best available technology to enhance teaching and learning. Pat also led the country’s largest, most comprehensive high school reform initiative at the time, The Center for Advanced Research & Technology (CART) which opened in the fall of 2000.
Pat has been working on a solution that would merge the type of data analytics that is common in the private sector with education. He launched an early version of Mission Control, a web-based progress monitoring system, in early 2014 following several years of research and beta testing. Mission Control is now being used by schools in Philadelphia, PA and will launch in two inner city after school programs in April, 2016

pic1Jim DuBreuil
Director- Mission Control

Jim DuBreuil completed his bachelor’s degree and graduate work in elementary education and taught 4th grade before beginning a business career at IBM in Bethesda, Maryland.  He quickly learned the ropes and produced a history of successful experiences in both technology projects and management assignments. 
From teaching a math lesson to 4th graders to presenting the advantages of new software tools to a CFO, to creating a system of technology tools and procedures that track student progress and proficiency, Jim can define, organize and deliver high quality results that support the goals and objectives of any organization.  His commitment to excellence and passion for results help to create a culture of integrity, collaboration and sustained performance.

pic2Corey Huerta
Instructional Analyst

Corey is in his second year working in education. In his first year he began working in an alternative education program, Anthony Wayne Academy, where he was a high school social studies teacher working with students who had both extensive behavior and academic challenges. This is Corey’s first year with Wright Solutions Group as a Deep Remediation Specialist and Instructional Analyst.  He is a graduate of Lehigh University with a Masters degree in Education (Certification – Secondary Social Studies). He has experience in both teaching and coaching. At Lehigh University he managed and played for the Lehigh Men’s Basketball team. He enjoys playing basketball and spending time with his family.

pic2Kelly Wright
Assistant Director, Mission Control

Kelly joined the WSG team in August 2015. She received her BBA from Georgia State University and her BFA and MFA from Washington University in St. Louis. She enjoys bringing her experience in both the business and creative fields to the WSG team as they work toward innovative solutions in individualized instruction and student progress monitoring. Kelly is passionate about the many ways technology can increase student engagement and be leveraged to empower a child’s education advocates from teachers, parents, and administrators to school support staff and after-school mentors with actionable information. When Kelly is not at WSG, she is making art or exploring the city with her daughter.

Our Partners

LiguoriAcademyLogoLiguori Academy
Wright Solutions Group was selected to design, implement and provide Mission Control real-time progress monitoring for the Liguori Academy. Liguori Academy is a private school, scheduled to open in the fall of 2016, devoted to serving the needs of disengaged high school students.
WSG will design a curriculum composed of three distinct, but interrelated components- Deep Remediation, personalized coursework in all key subject areas and a project-based learning component which links “knowing” and “doing”.


BC technologies


BC Technologies
Dashboards are often created on-the-fly with data being added simply because there is some white space not being used. Different people in the organization ask for different data to be displayed and soon the dashboard becomes hard to read and full of meaningless non-related information. When this happens, the dashboard is no longer useful. WSG partnered with BC Technologies because of their unique ability to design dashboards customized to the goals of schools and districts- to get the best snapshot of student progress in the most timely manner possible.

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what we do

Mission Control

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 3.51.54 AMThe purpose of Mission Control is to create “instructional intelligence” regarding the academic progress and proficiency of students, schools and districts. This information is used by teachers and school support staff to provide the most timely and meaningful intervention strategies possible to ensure ongoing student success.

MISSION CONTROL also facilitates data feedback, giving educators and administrators access to meaningful learning analytics that facilitates the highly individualized instruction necessary to maximize student engagement and achievement.

We know that individualized instruction is the most effective type of instruction and that data- detailed, accurate, daily, and real time data, or “big data”- is the key to that individualization.
However, in the absence of timely analysis, the huge potential value of big data- teacher awareness of the shifting needs of students on any given day and administration awareness of the circumstances driving school or district-wide progress at any given time—becomes significantly diminished and student progress falls short of the goal.

Using a software application called the DASHBOARD, designed in collaboration with teachers, data analysts and administrators can bring online-based, data rich, high quality academic intelligence to the fingertips of all the stakeholders in a more timely manner than has ever been possible.

Intervention Tracking

Instructional data presented in the DASHBOARD also allows teachers to identify intervention strategies for struggling students. MISSION CONTROL provides teachers the ability to log interventions and track those that are most effective. The system is designed to “learn” from teachers and provide all users with the most effective interventions correlated to specific curriculum objectives.

Data Analytics

Although the idea and application of “big data” is still fairly new in K-12 education, 50 percent of administrators surveyed by the Center for Digital Education (CDE) already see improved student outcomes from its use. When combined with predictive and prescriptive models, data and analytics tools give educators the insights to help students improve their assessment results, remain in school, stay on track to graduation and increase their learning achievement.
The time is right for K-12 schools and districts to move beyond a simple focus on generating statistics and reports that are viewed once, then put away and forgotten. By implementing analytics technology, training and monitoring teams, educators can put data to the positive, constructive use that will lead to better instructional performance and learning outcomes.
The idea is that all the data generated from the teaching and learning process will be woven into a smart, centralized operating system that teachers will use to design effective and personalized instruction. Integrating MISSION CONTROL’s archived data with its student information system, specific trends can be identified. For example, queries can be run to determine how 3rd grade males progressed in mathematics, specifically pinpointing areas of the curriculum that caused the most frustration for learners, as well as which intervention strategies were most effective in addressing those challenges.

web based curriculum tools

Below are links to more information on WSG’s preferred online curriculum resources. In addition to being research-based, these resources have been chosen based on their ability to personalize instruction and generate all of the raw data necessary to provide the most complete and timely snapshot of student progress via WSG’s custom-built analytics Dashboard software application.

Academy of Reading
Academy of Math
Let’s Go learn Reading and Math Assessments

current projects

data driven instruction

student experience

The key to engaging students can be found by educators who are willing to bridge the gap between what kids are too often still doing in school—working silently alongside one another on activity sheets, staring at teachers as they lecture, and taking the same tests—and what kids do outside school: connecting and sharing online, and engaging in virtual communities of their own.Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 6.14.54 AM Personalized learning is the key to engaging students, as teachers are leading the way toward making learning as relevant, rigorous, and meaningful inside school as outside.

Personalized learning is an invitation for educators to create opportunities for learning that takes advantage of the digital skills most students already possess.

Personalized learning is specifically tailored to each student’s strengths and needs while ensuring the highest standards possible. This approach is a major paradigm shift from the traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach to education.

Personalization encourages educators to be more open and flexible, so that students can become more invested in designing their own personal learning paths. Students engaged in personalized learning at their various paces are given access to tools and feedback that motivate them to capitalize on their unique skills and potential. Digital tools can fuel student-centered learning by allowing students more control over, a sense of ownership of, and accountability for the learning methodologies that fit their particular learning styles, the processes that best fit these styles, and, to a great extent, the content areas that spark their interests.

Mission Control provides the data necessary for educators to provide the type of feedback that can keep
students motivated. Also, by logging and tracking intervention strategies, Mission Control helps educators identify the most effective intervention strategies for each individual student.


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